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  • October 15, 2022 4 min read

    If you stay abreast of the latest trends in the foods and treats for your dog, you have probably seen grain-free dog treats, single-ingredient dog treats and grain-free dog foods on the market in recent years. Some dog owners wonder if grain-free treats are just the latest craze or if they are really good for dogs. The fact is that grain-free treats are a great addition to your pup’s diet for a number of reasons, and there are many varieties to consider. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of these treats for you to consider.

    Are Grain-Free Dog Treats Better for Your Dog?

    You might wonder if grain-free treats are better for your dog than traditional varieties. In some cases, grain-free treats are a much better alternative. Much like the increased frequency of celiac disease in humans, an increasing number of dogs have developed, or will develop, grain allergies. Whether it’s an allergy to corn, oat, wheat, barley, rye or any combination of these grains, you may find that grain-free treats are safest for your dog to reduce the risk of a reaction.

    Grain allergies often exhibit as itchy, flaky, red skin as well as persistent licking, especially of the paws and legs. Chronic ear infections can also be an indication of a grain allergy. If you see these signs and suspect a grain allergy, talk with your veterinarian.

    Are Grain-Free Dog Treats Healthy for Your Dog?

    Along with being a safe alternative for allergies, you may be surprised to find out that grain-free treats pack a lot of benefits for your furry best friend as well. Not only will you see benefits in terms of added nutrients, but you’ll also find improvement by eliminating the grain fillers. Remember that grain is typically used as a bulking agent, and it doesn’t stay with your dog very long because it is usually digested pretty quickly. Offering grain-free treats means that your dog may be more satisfied and eat less overall.

    Are Grain-Free Dog Treats Free of All Fillers?

    If you look at the ingredients of any grain-free treats that you buy for your dog, you’ll find that the list is typically much more nutritionally focused. When grains are eliminated, the treats must use other, more nutritionally dense foods for binding when necessary, as well as for fiber.

    For example, some treats may use egg, banana or even chickpea flour as a binding agent instead of grains. Each of those ingredients pack a stronger nutritional punch for your pup than wheat flour or corn. Improving the nutrient density of your dog’s calorie intake helps to ensure that they are getting the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that their body needs.

    Are Grain-Free Dog Treats More Natural?

    While some grain-free treats may be more heavily processed to create a cohesive product, you’ll find that many of the grain-free treats on the market for your pup are free of artificial ingredients, including artificial colors and preservatives. When you are trying to improve your dog’s overall health and focus on a quality diet without added chemicals and unnecessary ingredients, that makes grain-free treats ideal. You can even buy minimal-ingredient or single-ingredient dog treats to add to your dog’s menu.

    Are Grain-Free Dog Treats Good for Your Dog’s Teeth?

    One thing you might not think about is that many grain-free treats are actually good for your dog’s dental hygiene. The grains in many dog foods and treats will soften and stick to your dog’s teeth. Since grains usually break down into sugar, that’s an invitation for dental decay. Protect your dog’s dental health by opting for grain-free treats instead. For example, when you buy single-ingredient treats for your dog, often they are dehydrated proteins that are tougher than soft grain-based treats. That gives your dog something they can chew on, which will help to clean their teeth.

    Are Grain-Free Dog Treats Single-Ingredient Treats?

    Although not all grain-free treats are single-ingredient treats, the majority of single-ingredient dog treats are grain-free. If you’re looking for grain-free options that will pack the best nutritional punch for your pup , consider single-ingredient treats and offer a variety. After all, your dog will get a different nutritional profile from beef compared to chicken, and can get nutrients from fish treats that they can’t get from any of the other proteins. These protein-rich treats are great for ensuring healthy muscle tone and growth, a shiny and healthy coat and even healthy brain development.

    Are Grain-Free Dog Treats Easier To Digest?

    Another reason to consider grain-free treats is that they are easier for your dog to digest. Dogs don’t digest starches and grains completely, and some dogs can’t break them down effectively at all, which inhibits digestion and leads to gas, bloating, loose stools and frequent veterinary visits. Protein sources, on the other hand, are easy for a dog to digest, which makes grain-free options an ideal solution for those pups with digestive difficulties. By eliminating components known to cause digestive discomfort, you may be able to improve your dog’s overall well-being simply through this dietary change.

    Are Grain-Free Dog Treats Better for Weight Control?

    Just like with humans, dogs can struggle with weight gain and problems with weight control on a poor diet. Carbohydrates break down into sugars in your dog’s digestive system, which can often lead to excessive weight gain if your pup is getting a lot of carbohydrate-rich food and treats. By opting for grain-free treats, you can reduce the grain intake that often leads to added weight.

    While some dog owners may dismiss the idea of grain-free dog treats as a passing fad, the fact is these treats are an ideal option for most dogs. Whether you’re looking for high-value rewards for a food-motivated pooch or you just want to be sure that everything you feed your dog is beneficial for their health, you should consider grain-free treats as a part of their diet. At 2 Dogs Treats, you can get a variety of healthy chews and treats for your pup.

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