Labor Day giveaway

Give your pup the freedom to roam and spoil them with the tastiest single-ingredient treats around!⁠

How to enter:⁠

1️⃣ Follow SpotOnFenceGarth the Golden and 2 Dogs Treats

2️⃣ Share a pic of how your pup would live his best doggie life with SpotOn and be sure to tag us!

3️⃣ For an ADDITIONAL 5 entries, sign up for our newsletter (see form below)⁠

4️⃣ That's it!⁠

🐶🐾 Best of all, everyone is a winner in our eyes! For a limited time, receive 15% off your 2 Dogs Treats order just for entering. Be sure to check in on Tuesday 9/8 when we announce the winner! Discount code will be distributed through e-mail.

- entries open until monday 9/7 -


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